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About us

World in Dots is an online magazine born in 2013, as an extension of Loucuradavida Collective, during a special night spent in an old wine bar in Paolo Sarpi, a district area in the center of Milan. We are a group of friends, colleagues, but most of all, tireless dreamers joined with the aim of broadcast and share our interests in art, design, photography and lifestyle. Our project would be a meeting point for readers, an experimentation lab for people who still want to be amazed and want to discover the world, a container of ideas and different points of view.

We drink too much coffee and glass of wine to make it possible, work until late, but we laugh too much so this is the result after all. Our project is always growing, always ready to meet new people and new experiences to conquer the world with dots!

This blog is not a journal so it is updated without any periodicity. Actually it can’t therefore be regarded as an editorial product. All texts belong to World in Dots editorial staff. The images are property of their respective authors. World in Dots ensures that the processing of personal data obtained by e-mail or comments complies with the privacy legislation.

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