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Bill Carman’s illustrations


Bill Carman is a Korean painter and illustrator who lives in the US. When he was born, as he wrote on his Facebook page, he had a perfectly round head and the hair in the shape of banana. I love him regardless. Graduated in Visual communication and illustration, and of course in Painting at Brigham Young University in Utah, he worked as a designer, illustrator, teacher and art director at universities, advertising agencies, publishers, and major corporations. His works have been exhibited and included in the annual editions of the major magazines such as the Society of Illustrators, Spectrum, 3×3 and American Illustration. He published also a children’s book with Random House.

Dreamlike, surreal, ironic, his pieces mixed with elegance elements of the fauna to engineering details, like strange submarines and spaceships with a predilection for narwhals, bees and pigs. And of course fish. I told you that Bill loves to fish?

Here you can see its rich portfolio:

© Bill Carman, Begin at the Sound of the Golden Whistle.
© Bill Carman, Begin at the Sound of the Golden Whistle.
© Bill Carman, Narwhal rain.
© Bill Carman, Narwhal Rain.
© Bill Carman, Birth and Bell.
© Bill Carman, Birth and Bell.

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