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Clorofilliche, Susi Mauri’s solo exhibit


Do you remember Susi Mauri? We talked about her here and we’ll talk again, since yesterday opened at the Theatre St. Theodore of Cantù her first solo exhibition entitled “Clorofilliche. Small natural Snapshots “.

The exhibition, open until April 8, curated by Elisa Fusi, is made up of a dozen original works created by photographic print on cotton paper, accompanied by a video projection for the opening. The theme of the works is still the variety of Nature, investigated gathering in city parks of Turin, grading and composing in colorful dioramas vegetable items, including leaves, berries, flowers and seeds; and through the photographic technique they become immortal, fighting the typical transience of these elements.


A creative tale of nature that surrounds us, a distant echo of the boards in the ancient botanical books and at the same time, a very precise rhythmic and geometric space, which marks the modern age. Clorofilliche, result of shots and scans that freeze the image with the colors in that moment, try to give importance to small things to see them in a new detail, a new order, to rekindle our curiosity of “witnesses distracted ” by the great miracle of Nature. Each composition, after being digitized ceases to exist, just a gust of wind and everything becomes a pile of leaves, berries, pods…

Progetto 7 giorni 7 foglie 7 Clorofilliche di Susi Mauri.
Progetto 7 giorni 7 foglie 7 Clorofilliche di Susi Mauri.

With this type of research, halfway between botany and art, Susi Mauri took part in 2015 at Arteinvilla, exposing into the historic Villa Sormani in Mariano Comense, and the group show dieciXquindici at the San Teodoro Theatre, but this is her first solo exhibition. So come!

Opened in 1921, the San Teodoro Theatre in Cantù, until the seventies was the cornerstone of the artistic life of the city and then undergo a grinding stop. In 2006 the restoration works began, and finally in 2011 the curtain rises again: The theatre is ready to dust off the old dawn.

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