Christian Schloe is a talented artist who lives and works in Austria. His works are an amazing mix of different disciplines such as digital art, painting, illustration and photography. What make his artworks so special?


He creates magic environment, bizarre surreal scenes touring the reality into a dreamy world. All his artworks are characterised by a soft colour palette which confers a magic and far atmosphere. Looking at his works you can get lost, your fantasies became true as well as your dreams.
Birds, butterfly, flower petals, impressive landscapes are part of the illusion of these incredible visual stories. In addition, he creates the illusion of serenity within a strange and confusing composition.


Christian S

Christian 004


Even if we try to find many explanations for his amazing work, the artist doesn’t give any details or information about his creativity process so everything is just mysterious and fascinating!

To find out more infos about Christian Schloe you can have a look at his FB page.