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Ilustrísima, salón del dibujo y la ilustración

ilustrisima 2015

Designers and illustrators come forward, the call for entry Ilustrísima officially opens, the design and illustration event held in Madrid on December (17 to 20, 2015). A real call for designers and illustrators from around the world, here you can find rules and all kind of documents.
What is Ilustrísima? It is an event made with the intent to create a contact between artists and collectors. Four days in Madrid where the ABC Museum becomes a space full of lively interaction between artists and the public, who can explore, touch and buy at an affordable price all the works displaied.
With this initiative, the organizers intend to bring and to excite the world of design and drawing more and more people, creating a creative dialogue and an immediate relationship between the artists and new young collectors. During the event there will also be many parallel activities that explore and investigate the world of design and illustration, as workshops and panel discussions.
The artist who developed the cover of the eventi s MORKWORK.


ilustrisima 2015

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