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Matt Dixon and his robots


Today we present to you Matt Dixon, freelance illustrator and concept artist from Birmingham (UK). Born in 1972, since his childhood Matt likes to draw and perhaps it’s no coincidence that already at 16 years he has worked in the magical world of video games, in one of the largest British companies in the industry, first as production artist and then as lead artist; creating characters for Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.

In particular, we want to tell you about one of his most beautiful, totally made using the computer but no less interesting, titled Transmissions, whose second print edition is being funded on Kickstarter. Sweet and poetic, full of melancholy and sadness, the protagonists of these two series are the adorable little robots, small metal children grappling with life. How can we forget the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz? Or Bender from Futurama, in a version much more tender! And you, who do you remember?

To browse the entire Matt Dixon’s portfolio you can go here:


© Matt Dixon, Introversion
© Matt Dixon, Introversion.
© Matt Dixon, An offering.
© Matt Dixon, An offering.
© Matt Dixon, The mistery of flight.
© Matt Dixon, The mistery of flight.

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