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Meet the artist: Chiara Albanesi

I met Chiara a couple of years ago, when intrigued by her project, I attended one of her incision workshops. Her projects have a new flavor, fresh and full of optimism; they show how great is the desire to develop handmade projects that take their first steps in the Beautiful Country. Milan, the city of fashion and design, has some little corners of paradise which need to be discovered and taken into consideration. Here’s the interview with Chiara and her creative projects.

I’ve looked at your website and I point my attention to all links to various projects that you’re following or that you co-founded. I would like to go deeper into everything connected to your creative world. When did Chiara become the visual designer and storyteller who is her now? Could you tell me more about your background and your experiences that have led you to create your current projects?
It is a process that began at the turn of 2009 and 2010. I was working on my final thesis in Philosophy of Photography at University and then I attended an evening course in illustration. It that moment images started to be an integral part of my days. A few months later I met the incision, and it was love at first sight, a strong kind of passion.
The writing and storytelling have always been part of my life, it is not rhetoric. I have a box full of stories typed ( using my mother “Olivetti Lettera 32”) when I was young.
A couple of years ago Lucciole also took its current form, while I was able to join some professional goals and make strides in my personal conquest of the world :-)


Among the projects that I know, the one has struck me is the creation of Lucciole. Could you tell me your story? Do you think is possible to develop self-production projects in Italy? Is there a handmade culture so these projects are understood and appreciated as they deserve?
Lucciole is born as a pseudonym , the one I used to sign stories ( there are two of these published in two different collections, Milano noir and giald and Paura anche no), and for prints. In 2011 my job changed and Lucciole turned into a parallel project, but with its own identity.

The self production is its first and main character (the second text quoted above was self-released in 2009 with Produzioni dal basso ). The handmade came later, when I tried to be in contact with the DIY field. I realized that this way was the correct one to be taken to move forward, and I think it still is. In Italy there are many high quality projects connected to self production, as well as local communities and people who are bringing great value to this field, but I believe there is still much to do to be satisfied about the “handmade culture”, refferring to buyers, but also to other major players: the producers.
We need a clearer legislation connceted to this type of production (certainly nothing to do with the hobbies, but it is not even recognized by Confartigianato ), which allow to have easer solutions for collaborations and sale.


How did Mokalab born? Could you explain me, if it’s possible, how an artist or a designer who realized handmade products can be helped by you factory?
MOKAlab began its activities in the fall of 2013. It’s more then just an idea, It was born as a decision, to take a chance and try. We chose (there are four projects residents) to share a workplace, the need to evolve our career paths, and transform it an open laboratory.
This means that we give space and opportunity to share the know-how, wanting to be a physical point for the meeting and creation of partnerships. We believe these prenciples are fundamental not only to the personal growth, but also for the whole community that recognized themselves in this approach.

What is the upcoming events/workshop program at MOKAlab?
We plan a two-day crochet in collaboration with A Little Market and vegan cooking with Tilia Tarrare, a all steampunk workshop on March 2, then amigrumi with Ylenia Tagliafraschi and then different printing and bookbinding workshops.

What are you plans for the future?
This week I worked to drafts of a couple of small books (the idea is to self produce them with the help of my micro-press), and the patterns of a line of textile patternsmdevoted entirely to the world of cooking that I had in mind for too long and not wait to come to life. In the pictures there is a small preview.
The remaining energies are invested in raising MOKAlab in breeding and fingers.


Lucciole mi casa
Lucciole mi casa




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