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Meet the artist: GNAMBOX

gnam box-food

It isn’t a secret that we like to eat and speak about everything that revolves around the world of food. After the interview with Paola Buzzini with her project Soup Opera, recently hosted in the spaces of Expo Gate, it is now the turn of two boys, Riccardo Paleari and Stefano Casiraghi. Their names don’t tell you anything? And if we say GNAMBOX???

Hello Stefano, hello Riccardo! How are you? First of all thank you for accepting this interview…strange but true! Let’s start with the first question: “GNAMBOX is a project of social foodie. And it is also our love” you write in the description of you. In four years, how have GNAMBOX and your life changed?
We can definitely say that GNAMBOX has changed our lives. We started this project without reflect it too much but only driven by the desire to do something together. Food and good food have always been part of our routine but together we realized how we liked to eat well, cooking with friends, have dinners and how good it was to photograph the recipes. GNAMBOX for more than a year is our work, we decided to take a leap in the dark guided by a passion and desire to communicate everything we love through what we eat, we cook and the people we meet. We have created, behind our back, a very recognizable style that many people appreciate.

On the left Riccardo Casiraghi, on the right Stefano Paleari, photo by Maria Teresa Furnari

Your style is very cool, beautiful graphics, great importance to the images. Don’t tell us that you have allad-lib! :P What/who inspired you? Where does the name GNAMBOX come from?
Improvisation is the basis of everything. As I said before we started without really knowing what we would do. We knew that GNAMBOX would be a container of things we liked. One evening at dinner in front of a dish I exclaimed GNAM!, we looked each other and we said, “it sounds good”. BOX precisely because it is a container. We like to be inspired by our travels, the people we know, from foreign magazines.

In your kitchen you host (for now) 112 guests but you’re always work in progress. Looking to the world of art at 360° who you wanted/would you like to have at dinner? And what would you have cooked together?
Stefano: It’s been so many? Wow! I’d love to have dinner with Kevin Spacey and Sam Smith.
Riccardo: I’d love very much to cook with Mina and Massimo Bottura.

Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Paris and you’re just returned from Tel Aviv. What are the future plans of GNAMBOX?
Travelling forever!! Joking aside, we love to travel a lot and we think that telling the cities through food can be very interesting. Meanwhile we are still working to make more interesting and to increase our editorial with new recipes and headings for the section JOURNAL. In April there will be the second edition of GNAMBOX CAFÈ in 5 streets hosted by Wait & See. ‘Cause there is less than a month, the highest priority is that one!

DIFFICULT QUESTION: Drawing your inspiration to our blog, create the “perfect” recipe for us (and how to prepare) and/or EASY QUESTION: What is the dish you prepare when you want to reward yourself and be happy?
We answer to both questions :)
The perfect recipe for you at this time is definitely a hummus. We just returned from a trip to Israel and it was beautiful to know closely what are the flavors that use. We just released the one with the carrots. The recipe for you is therefore an easy recipe, everybody can do it and “travel” with the flavors of distant lands.
The dish that we do when we want to be happy is definitely a savory dish. In cold seasons we prefer risotto (with pumpkin and radicchio are our favorite) and instead in spring or summer pasta dish always makes everyone happier.
carrot cake gnam box

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