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Meet the artist: Paolo Pettigiani

Paolo Pettigiani is a young and talented Italian creative, temporary based in New York. He has an amazing portfolio wich is rich of incredible graphic and photographic works. They caught the attention of some of the most important international presses including a huge quantity of followers online. He is really talented and we, luckily, met him for a very pleasure interview:

Hi Paolo, thank you very much for this collaboration, we are really happy to meet you!

Thanks to a series of interesting articles dedicated to “Infrared NYC”, we discovered your amazing works. When did you start this project? Which was your intent?

The moment I decided to start this project? The exact moment I saw Central Park in bloom this spring for the first time. I’ve been to New York City in October 2014, but this huge park glowed green in spring. Intrigued by this old infrared technique – it is obtained by taking into analog a particular type of film – I tried to bring it back to digital applying a proper filter to the lens. I tried it for the first time taking a couple of pics in a park near Turin two years ago.
This technique creates a strong color contrast between the nature and everything around the green area. What’s a better place than New York to create a new project like this?

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What bring you to New York? How is leaving across the ocean as a Creative?

I moved to NY driven by my curiosity and my willing to find new challenges, and because I love travelling and discovering new realities. I had the possibility to start a new adventure with my girlfriend and luckily we both are now involved in a work experience which will last for 3 months. This is a huge city, and thanks to its immensity you can have lots of possibilities to express yourself as a creative.
Since I arrived in NY I had many chances to work as a graphic designer and photographer but certainly you need to be always ready to grasp them quickly!

How much does the City of New York affect your photographic and graphic experimentations?

This experience is going to have a great influence on me. I am improving my skills as graphic designer even if I think the city influences more my photographic experimentation. I find  really interesting that the beauty of this great city is that you don’t need to plan where to go or what to do, you just need to go out, look around you, cross the street and it is sure that something fascinating will happen right there, definitely surprising you!

Which is your favourite area of New York? Can you show us a pic that represents the mood and the area you are in love with?

I really like the area beyond the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s called Dumbo Street and it is a small street surrounded by the classic brick houses and the view of the road leads to the Manhattan Bridge. This photo represents the best of its mood. It was taken in Dumbo Street and I like the contrast of lights and background that portray the main essence of NY, a bright, chaotic and energetic city which is completely in contrast with the lightness of the dancer. The message is loud and clear, we should be able to live in peace every moment of our lives even if we are surrounded by caos and noise.


The project named “Geometrie” seems to be extremely connected to the “Expo” one. The shapes and colours catch the eyes of the public even if they are not professional photographers. Can you give us a short overview of the project?

To be honest Expo is a work that comes after Geometrie. I started this series of photos two years ago when I was at university. I studied Graphic design but I’ve been always passionate about photography so I decided to create a project that could mix these two disciplines together. The photos are not edited or retouched but at the first glance they seem almost graphic creations made by the computer. Pictures are taken to create an environment in which shapes become a pretext for space exploration, freeing itself from its real image and making it more emotionally relevant. Geometry, minimalism and graphic design are the main elements of this work which are united in one photo with the intention to de-contextualise the space from the surrounding buildings. In this way the photographs describe a sort of “non-place” which is dematerialised by its own physicality. The sky is one of the most important and unique element which links all the shots together. The sky constantly changes its colour thanks to its weather condition so we can consider it as the main element which determines the right moment to catch colours, shadows and lights.


paolo pettigiani geometrie2 paolo pettigiani geometrie4 paolo pettigiani geometrie3



Any plans for the future?
Unfortunately, I will move to Italy in a month but I am planning to move again and to travel a lot because I would like to develop new ideas and creative projects. By the end of the year, my intent is to find a job in a studio which can allow me to continue to improve my skills and working in a team.

It has been really nice to have this lovely chat with Paolo!

If you want to discover more about Paolo Pettigiani check his website and his Instagram page.

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