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Meet the artist: the photographer Raphaël Année

Raphaël Année

Raphaël Année is a young French photographer and graphic designer. He loves skating and about his crew The Coolege and himself he says that he is a proper storyteller. I found him almost by accident, wandering around on the web. The most beautiful discoveries are always made by night, that’s the truth!

Hello Raphaël, how are you? I watched carefully your every single photo, but I read that you get into photography only a few years ago (since 2011). But your shots are aesthetically perfect. What is your secret?
Hello Valentina, I’m fine, the sun is shining today and I’m very happy, in this day I love my work, I just love what I do! Yes, It’s true, for real I don’t have any secrets. I don’t believe in talent and things like this. I believe in work & passion. You know, when I discover what I can do with a camera, the only thing I have in my head after was “I must do it all days of my life”. You know, everyone is gifted with something, you must develop it, this is the secret. A lot of people do photography this day, but what is it? A hobby? A passion? The best example is the bicycle, everyone knows how to do bicycle, but we are not all professional. It’s just a question to find a good way. And aesthetic is not a finality, the finality is the vision, learn to see. Aesthetic is just a question of aperture speed and a little bit of color and that’s it! Everyone can do that.

Niek the farmer, 2013

Lit & Mix, 2012

Your photos are portraits of friends and strangers that you’ve met randomly on your way. For example, I think about the project “Manu & Marco”, the two homeless, or about the reportage on people who work in carousels and live traveling. It was difficult to get in contact with people who are normally ignored or saw in a bad eye?

Oh, yes really… For my own experience, it’s so hard, all the time you’re like “Shit maybe they going to shoot myself” sometimes it’s afraid, you know. But you must be cool, if you are a paparazzi yes it’s impossible and disrespectful, the good way it’s smart and discreet. They are people they have a story, desires and misgiving. A lot of time I think about James Nachtwey, the war photographer, look at this picture, he’s a strong man, his series in South Africa with Victim of Famine at Sudan 1993. It’s terrible, horrible, dramatical, you haven’t had eyes on this people but your eyes are horrified by what you see, you must be yourself and strong, you must know why you do this, why you are here at this moment. Besides, I consider myself more and more like a storyteller than a simple photographer. This word is vulgar, everyone is a photographer you know I don’t give a shit about status (laugh). Just be yourself and love your life.

Manu & Marco, 2013

Tell me about your relationship with music. Who are The Coolege? What do they do? Have you ever thought of shooting music videos?

The Coolege it’s my best experience you know! They are my gang, my crew, my family. They helped me a lot. The Coolege is formed by various people: you have Digikid84 (Dj & Beatmaker), Dabeull (Dj & Beatmaker), Wilow Amsgood (Rapper & Songwriter), SJD (Producer & Songwriter)and Artik (Rapper & Songwriter). With The Coolege, we do what we want, we just express ourselves, be cool. You know it’s the name The Coolege attitude! All this guys are good artists and good people, I learn a lot. Yes, I have some ideas for shooting video, I have some project, I tell it to you, I’m a storyteller (laugh).

Photography, music, skate. What you most passionate about?

The three of them.

Wilow Amsgood & Beat Assaillant

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

(Laugh) I’m in love with bread, egg, bacon, cheese, coffee, tea, orange and the morning cigaret. In the morning I eat like a King!

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+ . Do not miss anything! How much is really important to you the social networks? Could you live without them? Be honest :)

I think you’re a good spy!

Advise me a really cool site that shows graphic works that I should follow.

Maybe you must watch every day at  , they are great!

Last question. Plans for the future? What would you like to be?

I want to be the best of myself. For the future, I’ve planned to continue photography and tell stories, do some project direction and scenario, photography for movie clip and I hope some movie too.

Thanks, Raphaël, we invite you to visit his site and not to lose sight of him!

Thanks for this great interview, be creative, happy, and love your life.

Mike, 2013

Set & Match, 2013

Gipsy girl, 2013

Manu & Marco, 2013

Damien, 2013

Paris clichy, 2012

Palace Gang, 2013

The Coolege, 2013 + Wilow Amsgood, 2014


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