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Tutta un’altra pasta by Marcello Ferrarini

Tutta un'altra pasta

For our section Story Telling today I tell you a story: the story of a book, well and good, its author, Marcello and Valentina, the editor. The book in question is just out, published by Mondadori with the title “Tutta un’altra pasta” by Marcello Ferrarini and curated by Valentina Dalla Costa.

Marcello is the Chef, and Valentina is a chef too but only for hobby, a journalist, an editor and a lover design. The fil rouge is celiac disease and spark was that night that I accepted the invitation from Paola (Paola Buzzini from SoupOpera) for my first social dinner with EatWith: a dinner at home by an unknown host  (Valentina) with unknown guests. And it was love at first sight, because of course the menu was necessarily gluten free. And chatting, it comes out of the book, the recipe lent”, the thrill of being part of this project, in short, many things.

Tutta un’altra pasta” is a recipe book with funny names, that immediately make you smile and, ça va sans dire, strictly gluten free cooking. Which means it is suitable for everyone, not just those who are celiacBecause <Have they never said that gluten is not good for anybody?> The great thing is that the recipes are the outline of the book, while the heart of this publication is the personal story of Marcello. A twenty years old guy who went out with a Maalox pill in his pocket because he doesn’t know to be celiac and ate junk food. Infact, in the 90’s celiac disease was unknown to most people. Among the first recipes there are Famechimica”, ie Bucatini as unleaded petrol and gluten-free, or the “Cool Risotto with culatello, the “Radical chic Salmonbut also the Rosé Cream“, a fine rice cream to roses and two chocolates with cocoa beans, jelly flowers and true rose petals.

Fame Chimica Photo credit: Andrea Luccioli.
Fame Chimica
Photo credit: Andrea Luccioli.


Risotto Cool Photo credit: Andrea Luccioli.
Risotto Cool
Photo credit: Andrea Luccioli.

Then there is the much-loved grandfather Francesco, master of life and cuisine, art and beauty in the plate and her mom Michela’s soup place. And the return to school as an adult now, first as student and then teacher, the experience in Bologna In short, the book is a trip, inside and outside the gluten free world with lots of tasty and delicious recipes and an interesting didactic section, to discover new ingredients. You just have to buy the book and invite us to dinner!

Borderline, tra dolce e salato Photo credit: Andrea Luccioli.


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